Friday, June 15, 2012

You Have To Start Some Where

It's been almost a year but I want to keep this up and mostly to help me remember all the little details of our family growing and my baby boy growing up. So 'you have to start some where' and here is where I start (again)...
It's summer and our little man, Hudson, has just turned 7 months old. One thing that prompted this post is that he has just figured out how to 'rasberry' over and over. It is super cute and super wet! The second prompting is that my S.I.L. over at Making.A.Menz just blogged about her 'birth story' of my newest little niece Drew and it makes me sad b/c I have already forgotten so much about my own. Here is to trying my best to write a few post a week! Before I go here are a few pictures of my little guy
(taking a nap)
 (going for a walk)
(playing with my toys)

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  1. YAAAAAAAAAAAAAAY!!! So glad you are doing this! Just another avenue for updates on one of my favorite little families! Love ya!