Friday, June 22, 2012

Our Itty Bitty Niece...Drew

Just a few short weeks ago (as in less than 3) our newest niece was born. Drew Olivia Menz. She was born to my brother and s.i.l. on June 3. Seriously she is the sweetest little thing and we are so in love with her. My s.i.l. writes her own blog (which is quite fab) and where you can read up more on their little darling. It really is fun watching your little brother become a dad!

Yesterday I got to spend a little time with Drew as Lyndsay had a few errands to run. It was really fun and Hudson couldn't stop watching her. It was if he was saying, 'what is that mommy'. Of course me, Drew's 'paparazzi aunt' couldn't wait to take out the camera and get some pictures of her!

 check out the size difference between hudson (7 months) and drew (2 weeks).

 check out her hair. LOVE it!

 'hi cousin, i love you'